November 18

We’re feeling very grateful


We’re feeling very grateful for the great time that we enjoyed with family and friends at the Christmas ritual sojourn at Port Vincent.

Constantly thinking about how many people had their holiday plans shattered by the catastrophic bushfires that are raging throughout the country – none more so than the volunteer fire-fighters. Their courage and selflessness is awe-inspiring.

Most of us greatly appreciate the efforts of these heroes – as we do, the many other first-responders – SES, police, paramedics, ambos, doctors, nurses etc.

At times like these, communities band together and donate food, clothing, accommodation and sacrifice time with family and friends to do whatever they can to ease the burden.

Hats off to everyone – and let’s pray for rain.

Grateful for time with family


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How good is Ash Barty!

How good is Ash Barty!
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