Head Office

There’s no doubt that Greg is "a bit different!"

Whilst most people prefer a comfortable office with modern furniture and glitzy decor, Greg’s preference is a mud and straw construction at ‘Sunset Creeque’ (the name of his farm property).

This gazebo-style construction is something that he built as a bit of an experiment – without a great deal of planning. “It sort of just evolved from an idea that I had in my head.”

Anyway, whilst he does have a home office from which he works, ‘The Gazebo’ at Sunset Creeque is his preferred work location.

The views, especially over the Barossa Valley, are spectacular – as is the native bird-life.

Making of the Gazebo

Greg commenced making the Gazebo in 2011.

The Gazebo

Different views of the Gazebo and the fire pit.

Inside the Gazebo

Various views inside the Gazebo.


Sitting on top of a hill, there are 720-degree views (if you spin around twice).


We see a great selection of local wildlife around the Gazebo.

Bird Life

The trees around Sunset Creeque are full of bird life.


Camp oven tucker is the best darn food there is.

Mud Hut

Greg's brother Richi, built this Mud Hut in 1984. It is 50 metres down the hill from the Gazebo.


The "Loo With a View". The loo is now enclosed - some people like their privacy!


Greg's often not up early enough to see the sunrises, but they are spectacular.


The sunsets are stunning any time of year.