Greg's life is never dull or boring. Some of the things he enjoys are...

■        Quality time with family and friends

■        Meeting interesting, intelligent people

■        Network Marketing – and sharing ideas with other Network Marketers

■        Outdoor activities, such as camping, bush-walking, outdoor cooking, working in the vegie garden and just lazing in one of his many hammocks.

■        Sporting interests include football (Australian Rules), cricket, cycling, swimming, scuba diving, squash and marathon running - albeit mainly as a spectator now, due to 'buggered knees'.

Other interests include playing cards (especially 500) and bird watching (ornithology).

A goal for the not-too-distant future is to take up paragliding.


These are some of the people who I admire  - in no particular order...

Sir David Attenborough

Princess Diana

Elon Musk

Eric Worre

Jim Rohn

Bill Gates

Denis Waitley

Fred Hollows

Jacques Cousteau

Earl Nightingale

John Kalench

John Milton-Fogg

John Wamsley

Mahatma Gandhi

Muhammad Ali

Nelson Mandela

Napoleon Hill

Nancy Wake

Robert Kiyosaki

Richard Branson

Eva Peron

R M Williams

Fiona Wood

Indira Gandhi

Tim Ferris

Julie Bishop

Malcolm Fraser

Marjorie Jackson-Nelson

Nancy-Bird Walton

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Rosie Batty

Satoshi Nakamoto

Scott Welle

Sir Sidney Kidman

John Howard

Allan Pease

Chester Osborn





Brian Tracy

Eric Worre

Allan Pease

Jim Rohn

Bryce Courtenay

Scott Welle

Sandy Forster

Steven R Covey

Dale Carnegie

John Milton Fogg

Denis Waitley

Robert Kiyosaki

John C Maxwell

Sandy Elsberg

Zig Ziglar

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Earl Nightingale

Paul Zane Pilzer



Paul Newman

Andie MacDowell

George Clooney

John Williamson

Dame Judi Dench

Julia Roberts

Sir Mick Jagger

Morgan Freeman

Muhammad Ali

Paul Kelly

Sir Les Patterson

Dame Edna Everage


Muhammad Ali

Tony Modra

Barrie Robran

Geof Motley

Mark Ricciuto

Richie McCaw

Brad Valentine

Stuart O'Grady

Kevin Sheedy


Allan Border

Sir Garfield Sobers

Ian Chappell

Sir Vivian Richards

Dennis Lillee

Sachin Tendulkar

Sir Richard Hadlee

Roger Federer

Geoff Howarth

Glen McGrath

Alisa Camplin

Hayley Lewis

Betty Cuthbert

Steffi Graf

Merlene Ottey






The Rolling Stones

The Beatles

The Eagles

The Traveling Wilburys

The Mamas & The Papas

Electric Light Orchestra

Howard Morrison Quartet

Walk Off The Earth

I recall fondly the first time I spoke with Greg.  He’s warm, friendly and you couldn’t meet a nicer bloke.
We met and started working with Greg last year.  Greg is down-to-earth with a razor sharp wit.
Our agency works with Greg on a regular basis  and he’s actually one of our favourite clients.
(Shhhh, don’t tell him though, as it will go straight to his head).
Greg’s fantastic sense of humour and professionalism makes him a true delight to work with.

Jodie Davis - Platinum Campaigns | Central Coast NSW

Nina Behr - Germany

Vicky Prado - Brazil

Greg can do anything he sets his mind to - regardless, but with the help of others.

He is warm and friendly - but quick to anger, which quickly subsides leaving no residual resentment.

He is clean and tidy in person and in the house and always willing to accept extra work - even if he doesn't oblige at once, the job is usually completed in time.

(This 'testimonial' was written by Greg's mother in 1976)

Clariss Mickan | Greg's loving Mother

Greg Mickan is a semi-retired, over-rated, under-achiever with delusions of adequacy.

He is rude, dis-respectful, ill-mannered and emits a body odour that is reminiscent of ill-cared for farm animals.
Despite being as deaf as a post, he is, in fact a very good listener - one of his enduring qualities. He actually has great empathy and really cares for people.

A fun-loving practical joker, he enjoys taking the p155 out of his mates, but who also has humility when he is on the receiving end of a prank. He has a wicked sense of humour. In saying that, he also doesn’t suffer fools gladly – and has been known to use ‘colourful’ language when his Internet or phone service is operating at less than capacity. (It’s usually his fault!)

Having known him for almost thirty years, I’m proud to regard him as a very close friend.


Rod Allen | Auckland  |  New Zealand

Website editor’s note.
Rod has a face like a twisted sand-shoe - which is why it has not been displayed!

Mickan, - you are an idiot!

Borat | Kazakhstan